SureDerm® Graft
Acellular Dermal Matrix(ADM)
Product Introduction •  SureDerm® Graft is an acellular dermal matrix that maintains the three-dimensional structure 
   of the dermal layer by removing immune-reactive cells from the epidermis and dermis and then freeze-drying them.
•  The main components are collagen, elastin, proteoglycan, and laminin.
   As the Basement Membrane is preserved, it helps cells engraftment and transplantation.
Product Features
and Benefits
•  As it is human-born skin tissue, it soundly takes in as a patient's tissue.
•  Minimize rejection by removing antigens that are targets of cellular immune response
•  All reconstructions are possible with 1-Stage surgery
•  Significantly lower resorption rate than Autograft/ Xenograft
•  Safe allogeneic dermal graft material that has passed more than 20 microbiological and immunoserological tests,
   including HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1/2, HIV by PCR, STS, and HBc